Fanchone Gourmet was honored to serve as the caterer for Cass Winery's Pick-up Parties in Detroit and Chicago.

And just what is a "Wine Pick-up Party" you might ask? Not what you probably think!

Cass Winery, located in Paso Robles, CA is owned by Steve & Doug Cass. They are a small boutique winery that make incredible wine......with grapes you don't find used by many winemakers.

Since Doug Cass lives in the Detroit area, and hangs out in Chicago quite a bit (Steve his older brother runs the winery), Doug arranges to have a couple of pallets of wine shipped from the winery for Cass Winery Wine Club Members. Then, a party is planned for members to come pick-up their wine. And, of course, there is food.......and wine drinking involved!

Some of the incredible pairings enjoyed were;

Cass' Rockin' One Blanc with Asparagus & Havarti Cheese drizzled with Fanchone's Meyer Lemon EVOO and Sea Salt.

Cass' Rockin One Red with Caramelized Onion infused English Cheddar Cheese in a Fillo-cup drizzled with Fanchone's Heirloom Natural Flavor Balsamic Vinegar.

Cass' Reserve & Zinfandel with Blue Cheese and Pecans in a Mini-Fillo cup drizzled with Fanchone's Bordeaux Cherry Balsamic Vinegar.

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"A gourmet meal without a glass of wine just seems tragic to me somehow"

‚ÄčKathy Mattea, Singer/Songwriter


Throughout the year Fanchone Gourmet participates in wine tastings in a number of capacities....... ......usually as the caterer or coordinator of Food & Wine Pairings.

Specializing in pairing cheese with fruit, vegetables and meat, Fanchone's delicacies create perfect harmony when paired with many different varietals of wine.

In fact, some of Fanchone's creations are being re-created by chefs all over the country!

Teaming up to help a winery or wine shop sell more, or having a private party in your home to taste vintage wines, Fanchone Gourmet will make your event a culinary indulgence that your customers and guests will never forget!

If you're interested in getting more information about wine tastings just shoot us a message......we'll get you on our list for future updates. email

Bon Appetit & Cheers!

Cass Winery's 

Pick-Up Party

Detroit  &  Chicago

November 2014

W I N E  T A S T I N G S

Cass Wines are available at:

Cost Plus Wine Shoppe

in Detroit's Eastern Market  

2448 Market Street  

Detroit, MI 48207


Barrel-Aged  Balsamic  Vinegars
Chef-Inspired  Olive  Oils