Barrel-Aged  Balsamic  Vinegars
Chef-Inspired  Olive  Oils
H O M E  
P A R  T  I E S

Have a Fun, Delicious Evening in the Comfort of Your Own Home!

It's hard to beat the amount of fun you'll have hosting your own Fanchone Gourmet Party!

All you have to do is gather a dozen or so of your "Foodie Friends" together, get a little bit of wine and the party is on!

One of Fanchone's "Gourmands" will be your "Master of Ceremonies" and prepare several of their signature appetizers for your guests to enjoy.

Of course we want to sell our product, and these type of events give us an opportunity to establish relationships with new customers. As Host, you'll receive several complimentary bottles of vinegar and oils of your choice.

For more info on Home Parties just shoot us an email