Fanchone's vinegar is an authentic, genuine product of Italy. The producer, exporter and American importer has certified documentation of the authentication of origin of this product. Since the producer is not a member of the Italian "Consorzio" Consortium (and to be compliant with Italian government regulations) Fanchone's finished, bottled product can not contain the Italian government's (or European) D.O.P. seal.

However, with the "chain of origin authentication" to substantiate where and how it is produced, Fanchone's vinegar is a certified authentic product of Italy.

The base vinegar, Heirloom Natural Flavor Balsamic Vinegar, is imported in barrels and bottled in the US. The Heirloom Natural Flavor is infused with different fruit pastes and concentrates in a Californian processing plant to make the many different flavors offered by Fanchone.

The vinegar is not "cooked" down or reduced once it has left the producer in Italy. 

White Truffle Extra Virgin Olive Oil

The one oil that Fanchone imports from Italy is it's Extra Virgin Olive Oil infused with White Truffle Extract. This is another certified authentic product from Italy which is imported in barrels and bottled in the US.


The creation of the Fanchone Gourmet brand had it's beginnings while standing by and witnessing the end of a vibrant life that resulted in losing a beloved brother in the prime of his life.

Loss of a loved one can make a person gain perspective on life; re-enforcing appreciation and gratitude for it's delicate beauty, gifts and choices.

And when it comes to food, we are blessed in this country to have many, many choices.......choices that have significant impact on our health and quality of life.

It is in this spirit of freedom of choice that this flavorful, fun and healthy line of vinegars and oils were created.

We are a Metro Detroit-based private labeler of imported and domestic gourmet foods.


"Fanchone" (pronounced  fanch like "ranch" and then "own") literally means "freedom" in French, and was a very popular female name during the French Revolution and for decades afterwards until the Mid-1800's.

With it's roots in Detroit (a city founded in 1701 by the French explorer and adventurer Antoine Lamet de la Mothe, sieur de Cadillac) Fanchone Gourmet has come to market in the celebration of the freedom to choose............the freedom of self-determination............the freedom to re-invent.......the freedom to re-build one's health, one's life, one's city.

Life can be short!

Eat Well.......Live Well, 

& Love Lots!

Bon Appetit!


Fanchone Gourmet


Barrel-Aged  Balsamic  Vinegars
Chef-Inspired  Olive  Oils

Bordeaux Cherry

Balsamic Vinegar

Meyer Lemon Extra Virgin

Olive Oil

Heirloom Natural Flavor Balsamic Vinegar


For a number of reasons, of which quality, taste and cost are major ones, the majority of olive oils bottled by Fanchone (unless otherwise labeled) originate and are a product produced in the great state of California.

Like the wine world found out a few decades ago, our friends in California make world-class food products. As much as we love to eat and promote the flavors from around the world, we are committed to promoting delicious, quality American made products whenever possible!